December 17, 2012

Three, The One That Gets Away by Lauren Cerand

To celebrate tomorrow's pub date of Tempestuous, the first book in our Twisted Lit series, we'll be featuring guest bloggers all week. Our first guest is genius publicist Lauren Cerand, whose elegant blog, Lux Lotus, has long been a source of inspiration.  --Kim

After I read James Salter’s A Sport and a Pastime, the novel of an erotic, short-lived affair between a carefree Yale dropout and a French shop clerk in 1950s provincial France, I embarked on the course that I am sure that so many of his readers have, to devour every word the man has ever written. This led to me to his wonderful memoir, Burning the Days, which touches on his career in film. His first and only directing project was the adaptation of a story, “Then We Were Three,” by Irwin Shaw into Three, a 1969 film starring Charlotte Rampling, Robie Porter, and Sam Waterston. I have only seen (incredibly stylish) stills and despite some dissatisfaction with the project on his part, and an easily searchable online trail of admiration and mystique that never actually leads to the film itself, am perplexed that it doesn’t seem to be available anywhere, and was not ever issued as a DVD. As for Salter, Three may have had its silver lining, in that it inspired a lifelong friendship with another writer that began with a fanletter. I’m sure I’d have one to send, too.  - Lauren Cerand

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