September 27, 2007

Let There Be Light...

Like the Victorian dress featured below, not sure this would work with my home decor, and yet I appreciate any artist who can combine medieval weaponry with toile print. This toile mace lamp (which came to my attention through Modish) is a creation of Julianna Holowka, who also happens to make some of the most hilarious greeting cards I have ever seen. Check out her Etsy store here.

September 26, 2007

From Bess to Bob

Cate Blanchett talks about Elizabeth: The Golden Age in this interview at Dark Horizons. Up next? She takes a turn as Bob Dylan (strange, yet inspired casting) in I'm Not Thereand she has a role in the next Indiana Jones movie. All I know is, she'd best start dusting off horizontal surfaces in her home for her next few Oscars.

September 24, 2007

Movie Review Monday: The Jane Austen Book Club

The Jane Austen Book Club adaptation is no Bridget Jones Diary (it lacks consistent wit and a mischievous Hugh Grant, for starters), but it is a light-n-frothy chick flick with a half dozen or so happy endings and Hugh Dancy in bike shorts. Unlike disappointments such as last year's drippy Kate, Cameron, Jack, and Jude flick, The Holiday (we know we deserve to be punished for even seeing that movie in the first place), JABC is actually sweetly entertaining, if a bit silly and predictable. Emily Blunt's wardrobe is to-die-for and Maria Bello and Amy Brenneman look like real adults you'd want to befriend rather than plasticized, airbrushed actresses. If you examine the film too closely, you're bound to find flaws; but keep your expectations low and your cliche-o-meter on silent and you'll be just fine.

Meet the Lincolns

Liam Neeson will play Honest Abe and Sally Field will play shopaholic First Lady Mary Todd in a film based on Doris Kearns Goodwin's biography of the 16th prez. Spielberg directs.

September 21, 2007

Kingsley Does Shakespeare...Literally

Ben Kingsley (whom I admire and yet whom I think I might be strangely afraid of were I ever to meet him in real life...flashbacks from Sexy Beast, perhaps), will play William Shakespeare in an adaptation of Christopher Rush's recently released Will, a novel in which the Bard delivers a deathbed confessional of his life to his lawyer.

September 19, 2007

A Necklace with Victorian Verve

Style Bubble led me to this adorably eccentric Vatements Little Dress necklace--and many more like it--available from Etsy. I couldn't carry it off, but maybe one of our loyal readers can. If so, do send us a pic as proof of your incredible panache!

Over There...

Go to Costco this week and stock up on Kleenex in bulk if you plan to watch Ken Burns' latest masterpiece, "The War," (a 14-hour miniseries that kicks off this Sunday about WWII). From what I'm reading, the film takes us into the trenches and is semi-exruciating to watch — no glamorous nostalgia here. I've been waiting for what seems like eons for Burns to come out with another of his brilliant documentaries, so I'm looking forward to enlisting for the next seven weeks. I'll be saving all my aluminum foil and planting a victory garden in honor of the occasion. (Or at least remembering the troops who are still sacrificing for us in Iraq.)

September 18, 2007

Jane Eyre Wins Emmy for Best Costume Design

A FIDM Grad won an Emmy on Sunday for Best Costume Design for Masterpiece Theatre's Jane Eyre. The costumes from the miniseries, along with many other nominated television shows, are currently on display in FIDM's Museum & Galleries in downtown L.A. Details on the FIDM blog, here. (File under "when worlds collide." I am the managing editor of the FIDM Blog.)

Whereabouts: Jennifer Ehle

A friend of mine who works for the Hallmark Hall of Fame production company told me that Jennifer Ehle (the definitive Elizabeth Bennett in my opinion) is starring with Amber Tamblyn in their next production: The Russell Girl. I believe Ehle is playing Tamblyn's mom in the film, which is currently in production in Toronto. She's got blonde hair, now, by the way, and get this: IMDB says she and Colin Firth had a relationship while filming P&P. This is stunning news to me (that some of you may have already known), but I'm floored. How could I never have known this?

September 17, 2007

The Petit Trianon Comes to SF!

C'est incroyable! San Francisco's Legion of Honor Museum will be exhibiting "88 pieces of the finest furniture, paintings, and sculpture from [Marie's Petit Trianon]. It is complemented by watercolors, prints, and drawings of the house and its innovative landscaping..."

I'm moving to London, so I'll miss the launch of this must-see exhibit on November 17. But, as luck would have it, I'll be back for co-blogger Amy's wedding in February, so hopefully I'll catch it before it closes on February 17. By the way, did you know that Tiffany blue (aka "Nattier blue") was Marie's favorite color?

Just Married!

Our favorite Welshman, Ioan Gruffudd, wed actress Alice Evans Friday night. Wonder if he had any doubts similar to the time his A&E counterpart, Horatio Hornblower, got semi-guilted into marrying Maria (whom he sort of pitied more than loved.) Thanks to Meg for the tip on pics from Just Jared.

September 14, 2007

Paddington Goes to Hollywood?

Let's hope he doesn't end up taking the Lindsay Lohan route to fame (so cute to start, then the next thing you know, he's out partying all night and free-basing honey...) Read the full story from the Guardian.

September 13, 2007

Heeeerrrrre Comes Johnny in Gory Sweeney Todd

Scenes from Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd have been cut because they aren't "family friendly" enough, reports Cinematical. But just how gruesome is it? Well, the film crew, who have probably seen it all, apparently had to take frequent breaks to keep their nausea at bay. Could an uncut/unrated version of the film be far behind? --Kim

Leo's "Braveheart?"

Leo DiCaprio and footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones are teaming up on a biopic about legendary Irish king, Boru, who led his people to victory against the Vikings in the 11th century. DiCaprio will also play a young Teddy Roosevelt next year in The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, based on the book by Edmund Morris and directed by (go figure) Martin Scorsese.

September 12, 2007

Test Your Knowledge

Alas, I was deemed only "semi-literate" (scoring a pathetic 5 out of 10) on this quiz about literary adaptations from The Guardian. See if you can do better.

Trailer Park

Here are the official trailers for Atonement and Beowulf. Is it just me, or is there something a little comical about Angelina Jolie's voice in the latter trailer? ("Beoooowulllff.....dahhhhlinggg.")

September 10, 2007

Jane On The Airwaves

Hear more of the true story about Jane Austen and Tom LeFroy in this radio interview with JASNA president Marsha Huff. (And yes, this post is really just an excuse to post a pic of McAvoy...but still, it's an interesting interview!)

Chain Mail: The New Black

We all know Cate Blanchett can pull off full body armor in any form (right), but when I saw this poster (left) for Elizabeth: The Golden Age as a full page ad in the L.A. Times on Sunday morning, I damn near jumped off the sofa, bowed in obeisance and pledged my undying allegiance to a piece of newsprint before charging off to battle. Release date: Oct 12!

September 7, 2007

"Duchess" Deets

Keira Knightley is starring in "The Duchess," a BBC film based on Amanda Foreman's biography of the scandal-icious Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Ralph Fiennes will play her hubby, the Duke of Devonshire, while Dominic Cooper plays her lover, Earl Gray. (Variety)

September 4, 2007

Hermione on Her Toes in Noel Streatfield Adaptation

Seventeen year-old Harry Potter star Emma Watson will play the orphan Pauline Fossil in a BBC Adaptation of Ballet Shoes (still from the set at left). Lucky girl.

In the very early years of elementary school I briefly took ballet, tap, and jazz for a year and, like many girls my age, I adored anything having to do with ballet (in fact, I may scan in a photo of me in a tutu as proof), including Ballet Shoes and young adult novels about anorexic ballet dancers falling in love for the first time. Even up into high school, I was obsessed with classical ballet and its superstars including my beloved Misha (Mikhail Baryshnikov). I poured over the monthly ballet magazine that our high school library subscribed to and even read Gelsey Kirkland's memoir. (Totally understanding how Mary Tyler Moore's fictional daughter in the three hankie movie Six Weeks could choose the opportunity to dance in The Nutcracker as her dying wish.) My junior year I took Modern Dance instead of the dreaded P.E. and very seriously practiced the steps my teacher had worked out to go along with--get ready for it--"The Streets Have No Name" (this was 19971987) for hours in my bedroom. (I was also obsessed with U2 at the time as well, so you can well imagine how ecstatic I was.) Anyway, I'm sure this will make a darling movie and inspire a new generation of little girls and boys to dream of starring in Swan Lake or The Nutcracker... --Kim