December 18, 2012

Small Demons' Richard Nash Connects the Dots

To celebrate the launch of Tempestuous, the first book in our Twisted Lit series, we'll be featuring guest bloggers all week. Today's guest is indie publishing entrepreneur Richard Nash, VP of Content and Community over at one of our favorite bookish sites, Small Demons. Thank you for stopping by, Richard! 

The film Sunset Boulevard is mentioned in 87 books.

When we talk about the new culture discovery website Small Demons at which I now work, the CEO Valla Vakili and I both like to offer some broader cultural context. Before talking about what it is we do, we talk about what it is we see others doing, about the kind of engagement with culture we see out there in the world. We see a project like Infinite Atlas, which identifies on a Google Map every location mentioned in David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest. We see the YouTube playlist of every song referenced in Neil Gaiman's American Gods. We see cosplay. And we see Romancing the Tome, connecting books and movies before there was even a YouTube to offer clips.

So we see a world where people want to be active and eclectic participants in their culture, to flit in the space of a day from oak to pine to ash to redwood regardless of which is a song, which is a book, which is a movie. Small Demons is of, by, and for people who live their lives immersed in the romance of story and character and voice and event and we're honored this week to be part of the celebrations for a book inspired by a play on a site about movies inspired by books to talk about a website inspired by all of it… 

And after you're done buying Kim and Amy's book, come check out their Small Demons Collections of things that inspired their books. --Richard Nash

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