January 9, 2006

Whereabouts: Johnny Depp

In addition to possibly preparing for a role in a Tim Burton adaptation of "Sweeney Todd" (see below), Depp is negotiating the film rights to Scottish author James Meeks' novel The People's Act of Love, reports The Scotsman. Publisher's Weekly describes the novel thusly:
Set during the waning days of the Russian revolution, Meek's utterly absorbing novel (after The Museum of Doubt) captivates with its depiction of human nature in all its wartime extremes. In 1919, the remote Siberian town of Yazyk contains a strange brew of humanity: the docile members of a mystical Christian sect, whose longing for purity drives them to self-mutilation; a small outfit of Czech troops, marooned by the civil war and led by the mad cocaine-snorting Captain Matula; and "the widow" Anna Petrovna, whose passion for worldly things (e.g., photography and men) isolates her from the devout townspeople. When the charismatic revolutionary, Samarin, trudges into town with a harrowing tale of escape from a distant labor camp and a dangerous philosophy, Yazyk becomes a theater of bloodshed and betrayal as well as heroism and compassion. Using the town as a microcosm of the larger war, Meek illuminates both perverted ideology and irrepressible humanity. With confident prose, layered storytelling and prodigious imagination, he combines scenes of heart-pounding action and jaw-dropping revelations with moments of quiet tension and sly humor. This original, literary page-turner succeeds both with its credible psychological detail and in its grandeur and sweep.
Sounds fantastic! Depp's current release The Libertine (pictured above) opens on the 13th. --Kim


  1. Very Rasputin-esque, in a way, with the whole "religious sect in a remote part of Russia" bit. -- Amy

  2. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Too bad it's apparently straight to video as far as Sf is concerned...it doesn't seem to be playing here. --Kim