January 23, 2006

Legally Bound: Bleak House Episode 1

Last night PBS's Masterpiece Theatre aired the first episode in a six-part BBC adaptation of Dickens' epic critique of the Victorian legal system. In just under two perfectly dark and thrilling hours, and seemingly without losing a beat, director Andrew Davies managed to adroitly navigate the complex legal and personal relationships without sacrificing character development or cinematography. Gillian Anderson is wonderfully cast as the woefully majestic Lady Dedlock, who has more than a passing interest in the Opium-related death of law-writer and mystery man who goes by the name of "Nemo." Anna Maxwell Martin is equally captivating as the "disgraced" Esther Summerson. But my personal favorite so far has to be Burn Gorman as Mr. Guppy, the eccentric (and dare I say Tim Burton-esque!) young law clerk who sets his cap for Esther. How lovely that there are five more weeks of Bleak to enjoy! --Kim

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  1. I am in heaven with this mini-series so far. Gillian Anderson has far surpassed my expectations with her portrayal, and I'll be surprised if she doesn't earn an Emmy nom for this role down the road. The story has me riveted and the production value is perfectly Dickensian. Can't wait for the next installment!