April 5, 2008

Other Boleyn Girl Not So Hot

Sadly, The Other Boleyn Girl adaptation has received less than enthusiastic reviews from the critics, but I'm still planning to see it anyway for the costumes if nothing else (though I'll probably wait for the dvd). If you happened to see it we'd love to get your take. --Kim


  1. I saw it, and I really liked it even though it does play pretty fast and loose with things like, um, time. ;) The main thing that bugged me was that certain characters would just disappear, never to be mentioned again. However, the costumes were lovely, the casting was pretty solid, and it was certainly a lot better than the abomination known as The Tudors. Light historical fluff, but fun.

  2. The costumes were splendid and the acting was reasonable, but I still didn't like it much. Henry VIII lived in magnificent style but this movie was very dark and bleak - there were no wonderful palaces or gardens.
    Also I don't care for Philippa Gregory's historical inaccuracy and her attack on Anne Boleyn's reputation so I'm not reading any more of her books. She's even accusing Anne of murder!


  3. I liked the Other Boleyn Girl but it's basically a chic flic. Love the Tudors but it's not for sissies. There are the obligatory nude scenes but ya fotta pay attention and get up to speed on religion, politics and who the players are.