April 1, 2006

Revealed! Pics from the New Jane Austen Movie

Ant sends us a link to several pics from the set of Becoming Jane, where Anne Hathaway is busy portraying Jane Austen. James McAvoy (whom I adored as Mr. Tumnus the Faun in Chronicles) will play Jane's Irish suitor.

"Becoming Jane Synopsis :: Jane Austen has a romance when she was about the age of 20 with a young Irishman named Tom Lefroy. His family disapproved of the match because Austen had little money and Tom was the oldest in the family and had quite a few people to support, so he needed to marry into money. So his family sent him away when it looked like things were getting serious between the two of them. A few years later she wrote the first draft of what turned out to be Pride and Prejudice--it's believed she loosely based Elizabeth and Darcy on herself and Tom, but made Darcy rich enough that he could marry who he chose."


  1. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Ok, the costume doesn't give me much hope. I hate it. *sigh* I'm losing hope for this movie with everything I read about it.

  2. I agree with Kate! I'm sure Jane would have worn prettier clothes than this!

  3. The brown dress IS hideous. --Kim

  4. If you hold your hand up to the picture to block the horrendous Ugg action, the dress is a little more palatable. Still, this doesn't bode well. -- Amy