April 15, 2006

More Pride and Twice the Prejudice

Delurked reader Meghan (a girl after our own heart--she has a post on the Cutting Edge 2 movie) of The Busy Nothings Report has some great promo pics from Pride & Prejudice that I hadn't seen before and also a review of the P&P director's cut. --Kim


  1. Thank you Kim! You are very sweet! I am sort of new with this blog thing, but I am having a lot of fun. By "director's cut," I mean my director's cut of my very own over-blown review of Pride and Prejudice 2005, entitled Pride and PrejuDISSED. Though, it would be quite interesting to see a director's cut of the film by Joe Wright....

    I <3 Romancing the Tome!

  2. Hi Meghan, I cannot reply in your own blog, I don't have an account myself, but I like to tell you that it's been a great pleasure reading your review. I'm a P&P fanatic for years and even write fanfiction based on the book. I never thought I would, but I love the new movie, can't get enough of it, despite the criticism I have when compare it to the book, but I happily overlook all its flaws and let myself drift away in the enchanting world Joe Wright created in his interpretation.