May 7, 2008

"Juno" Is Jane Eyre!

"Reader, I forshizz married him..."

Is this what we can look forward to now that Ellen Page has been cast as the heroine of a new BBC adaptation?

Wonder who will play Rochester? Any guesses/wishes?


  1. Is Mark Ruffalo too hot? Mark Ruffalo is really hot. But he does kind of look like a brownie.

  2. Mark Ruffalo is indeed hot, and could probably do dark and brooding well, but I feel as though a Brit were necessary for some modicum of authenticity since they're throwing Juno in our face. I'm going to suggest Brit Richard Armitage. He's the right age range (not too old but old enough), does the brooding thing well, and is pretty hot. He's the ONLY decent thing about that BBC Robin Hood series, if you ask me. Check out the miniseries North and South to see him in action. ...Although he might not be enough of a "name" to go up against Ellen Page.

  3. good point on the Brit thing. And yeah, why is Robin Hood so bad? That should be a slam dunk. But I do think Richard Armitage would be good. Nice suggestion.

  4. If she can pull of the accent and the movie is watchable, then that's another Best Actress nomination just waiting to happen...

    Really, it's perfect casting, and it wouldn't surprise me if the project got off the ground as a vehicle for Page to begin with.

  5. jerryjeff8:09 PM

    Wouldn't James McAvoy be great as Mr. Rochester in the upcoming BBC Jane Eyre movie? He is an attractive actor perfectly capable of looking unattractive if he wants (he describes himself as having a "pasty face," others describe him as having "dark circles under his eyes" and "ordinary, irregular teeth"). He could easily embody Mr. Rochester as described in the book, a man with: - "so haughty a reliance, on the power of other qualities, intrinsic or adventitious, to atone for the lack of mere personal attractiveness, that, in looking at him, one inevitably shared the indifference, and, even in a blind, imperfect sense, put faith in the confidence …" That very quality is what's so great about McAvoy. He also has a kind of intelligent, analytical, energetic, teasing talkativeness, so essential, I think, for carrying on all the wonderful dialogue between Jane and Mr. Rochester. The New York Times described James McAvoy as "hardly a conventional sex symbol." What more unconventional sex symbol exists in the history of English literature than Mr. Rochester?

  6. JerryJeff: Sold! You had me at "James McAvoy."

  7. I'm late to the game, but I'm still going to say it: Clive Owen. To this day, however, my favorite Rochester (because I believe I've seen every Jane Eyre adaptation to date) has been Orson Welles to Joan Fontaine's Jane. He might not be British, but he was certainly commanding.

  8. It's only my opinion of course, but
    I just wanted to mention that I think
    Gerard Butler would make a fantastic Mr. Rochester. After seeing him play
    the Phantom, I haven't been able to see anyone else in the part. He can be dark and brooding and the next minute quite gentle. I think he would strike a very good balance.

  9. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Richard Armitage. Thats all I have to say. He's perfect for the role