May 20, 2008


Oh Cranford! Three weeks of such good times...sort of like watching the Victorian Golden Girls or Sex in the City for the geriatric set. There was no end of gossip and scandal and romance and hilarity. How much did I love thee? Let me count the ways:

1. I love that I will never eat another orange without feeling a wee bit naughty.
2. I love that Masterpiece Theater is not above scatalogical cat poo jokes.
3. I love summer parties with ice cream and row boats and opportunities to monopolize time with sexy doctors by faking maladies.
4. I love the naive but intensely sexy blue eyes of Dr. Harrison, whose porcelain skin I covet.
5. I love watching Judi Dench act like a giddy school girl falling in love. She was so beautiful and sweet and just really lovely to watch as Miss Matty. I half forgot she was also James Bond's boss.
6. A cow in pajamas. Brilliant.
7. I love that men DO make passes at girls who wear glasses.
8. I love that Greg Wise made random appearances throughout. "Hey! There's Willoughby! Older, but no worse for wear."
9. Ditto for Ab Fab's Saffron, a.k.a. Mrs. Horatio Hornblower.
10. I love Lady Ludlow's mansion....the blue-grey lighting brought out her bitchiness to maximum effect. Kelly Wearstler was probably salivating.

I could go on, but 10 seems like a good round number. So we'll leave it there.

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