April 29, 2008

The Old College Try

On rare occasions, I regret not living in a dorm in college, but usually I'm okay with it, especially after reading Tom Wolfe's harrowing account of college life,I Am Charlotte Simmons, which is being adapted for film by U2 and REM music video director Liz Friedlander. I've been waiting for this film for two years, if only for the sort of guilty pleasure fluff it shall provide for someone who's proudly carried the "geek" mantle a time or two in her life. Who should play the awkwardly put-upon protagonist? Please, not Anne Hathaway, although I must confess that's who I pictured in my head while reading it. Anyway, she's too old now. I almost feel like an unknown actress would best depict Charlotte's wallflower nature, but you know that'll never happen. Feel free to suggest who you'd cast as Charlotte, her cruel frat boy seducer, Hoyt, or any number of peripheral "froshtitutes" in the story.

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