February 21, 2007

Mareweed? Mareweed!

As Ioan's #2 fan, I was upset when he--as Horatio Hornblower--married Saffron from Absolutely Fabulous, so you can imagine how I'm taking this news (buried at the bottom of an article about Ioan's work on Amazing Grace). And as for Amy (#1 fan, natch), well, better she hear it from me than a complete stranger...

Meanwhile, Gruffudd and Evans have decided to tie the knot in September, either in Los Angeles or Mexico.

"Alice has this idea of being married on the beach," he said, smiling. They thought about marrying in England or Wales but decided it was important to "celebrate our new life here."

Before he gets married, Gruffudd would like to do another film — "not only for the satisfaction but also to get the money in order to have a lovely wedding."


  1. September is a long way's away in "celebrity couple" years. Although they have been together a surprisingly long time. Maybe I can crash the wedding the day of like some soap opera vixen and announce to the world that I am carrying his love child. Maybe Alice will start hanging out with La Lohan's set and he'll get irritated. Anything can happen.

  2. Saffy on AbFab is pretty darn cute, though. You can hardly blame the guy.

  3. Amy, yes. Please do crash the wedding. Because I will feel a lot worse about stealing away a married man from his wife. Engaged is a completely different matter!

    ps. Saffy was cute on AbFab, but not so much on HH.