February 6, 2007

Welcome to Pooter-ville

Hugh Bonneville will star as the self-delusional Charles Pooter in a BBC four-part television adaptation of George and Weedon Grossmith's Victorian classic, The Diary of a Nobody. The film has been adapted by Andrew Davies and will be directed by Susanna White, the woman behind the recently-aired version of Jane Eyre.

The book is charming, hilarious, and well-worth picking up if you've never read it. Should make a cute movie. -- Amy


  1. Interesting news indeed. Very nice of you to commend my diary.
    I consider myself to be forerunner of Bloggers. If you think about it, "Diary of a Nobody" is a most appropriate term for many blogs – present company excepted of course.
    To bring you up to date with my doings. As you can tell by this post, I have joined the digital age. I call my machine Pooter's 'puter. (Carrie thinks this to be side splitting funny). The machine is very nice, it is an Apple, but I do not like it's colour. I think that I will paint it red. Apples should be red don't you think?
    Well, nearly tea time (cold mutton tonight) must go... Cherio!

  2. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Our first celebrity (or is that non-celebrity?) post! -- Amy