February 7, 2007

Sally Lockhart's Guide to Life...

Okay, so I finally got around to watching The Ruby in the Smoke last night. Here's what I learned. -- Amy

1. Be careful what you say to people lest they fall over dead from shock.
2. Proficiency in Hindustani is cool, but doesn't do much for one's c.v.
3. Serving one's mistress "stewed tea" can land a girl in trouble.
4. Don't try to hide a ruby by eating it.
5. Sally Lockhart is a hard gal to flirt with.
6. Never trust "the help."
7. When an old bat is trying to kill you and you have no one left to turn to, show up on the doorstep of an attractive dude you spent all of two mintues with once.
8. An outing to purchase opium can be a fun and romantic first date! (Just don't inhale.)
9. Clergymen can kick ass.
10. Always keep your powder dry.
11. Doing illicit drugs can actually be a tremendous memory aid for a nice, upstanding young Victorian woman.
12. If your dad starts calling you a name that bears no likeness whatsover to the name you were given at birth, perhaps he's not really your dad.


  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Julie Walters was terrifying as Mrs. Holland. She gave me the shivers, but how many times did various characters compliment Sally on her beauty? By the fifth time, I began to lose interest. I would add one other item to your list: If an old hag threatens to bury you in her backyard, run like hell.