November 22, 2004

Hanks, but no thanks...

Tom Hanks already managed to monopolize every adult role in The Polar Express, and now I hear he's been cast as the main character in Dan Brown's literary cash cow, The DaVinci Code. The news irritated me, not only because I envisioned the book's Holy Grail-seeker, Robert Langdon, as someone WAY more sexy, but also because it confirms my suspicions that Tom Hanks has become the Hollywood equivalent of Wal-Mart.

On a more positive note, Newsweek magazine recently suggested a few more favorable casting choices:
Love interst Sophie Neveu: Julie Delpy, from Before Sunrise/Sunset.
Detective Bezu Fache: Jean Reno from The Professional.

(I won't hold my breath as it will probably end up being someone like "Apple's Mom" and Richard Gere in those roles. And since this book is about as commercial as they come, I guess it only makes sense.) -- Amy

1 comment:

  1. Apparently Jude wasn't available. The Money Pit aside, I would much rather see Colin Firth or Ralph Fiennes doing an American accent (not that Hollywood ever seems to worry about that issue anyway) than Forrest in this part.