November 16, 2004

Great Expectations and Then Some

Amy and I watched Part 1 of BBC's 1999 production of Great Expectations last week. Pip is played by the gorgeous Welsh actor Ioan Gruffud (of the fantastic Horatio Hornblower series*), so it's no surprise that it's indeed our favorite adaptation of this novel. In fact, we concluded that really no other leading actor is needed. Ever. Charlotte Rampling is an intriguing Miss Havisham; old enough to be well within spinster-ville but not so old that her former beauty doesn't shine through, giving her character an aura of pitiable wistfulness. I'm withholding my opinion on Justine Waddell's portrayal of Estella until part 2.
*Amy introduced me to the Horatio Hornblower phenomenon two years ago and my life has never been the same since. Thus, much like the origin of Pip's great expectations, the origin of movie night (and eventually Romancing the Tome) can be attibuted to a long ago (though less terrifying!) event. --Kim

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  1. While we're happy Ioan has finally been "discovered" by Hollywood, appearing in huge feature films like King Arthur and the upcoming Fantastic Four, we're a little saddened by his recent commercial success because we worry he'll stop doing any more installments of the Hornblower series (not to mention other BBC projects). Don't forget your roots, Ioan -- the day you're too big for your breeches (literally), will be a sad day, indeed.