November 22, 2004

Regency House Party: Episode III

In this week's installation, we learned that women in the Regency Era were expected to act demure, shy and reserved around the opposite sex. All except for Countess Griaznov apparently, who, desperate for any attention from the men, decided to serve herself up naked on the dining room table! How this was sanctioned by her normally strict chaperone is beyond us, but suffice it to say her coquettish act didn't have its desired effect. The men in the room appeared visibly revolted having to dine with the countess's body sprawled across the table as if she were the centerfold in one of Hefner's mags. Bad form, countess -- bad form. Then again, this is the same woman who invited "doctor death" to dinner and listened in awe as he discussed the plastification of corpses.

With the addition of another lady and a few more gents to the party, we still can't figure out why the only bit of lovin' going on in this house of swingin' singles is between the very dorky Mr. Foxsmith and his middle-aged lover (yes, LOVER!), Lady Devonport. The two scampered off to the stables to spend the night at the end of this week's episode. It would be more scandalicious if it were the hunky host, Mr. Gorell Barnes leading the seduction, but unfortunately, he's too dull to have put any moves on the ladies so far. We've only got one more episode left to see any of the other guys in the house actually make a move. If the REAL men of the Regency Era had been as ineffectual at wooing women as these guys are, the sad trials of childbirth that we learned about in this episode would be a moot point. -- Amy

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