November 16, 2004

Regency House Party: Episode II

Did Regency era activities include snogging on the lawn half clothed? That's some of what we witnessed in Part II of PBS's Regency House Party, as Mr. Foxsmith became more deeply (and illogically) enamored with one of the older chaperone women, Lady Davenport. Perhaps he neglected the younger ladies in the party because from what we've seen so far, they are uninteresting and whine a lot. Miss Braund and her chaperone nearly came to blows one evening, leaving our handsome host, Mr. Gorel-Barnes to attempt to restore order. It's unfortunate that Miss Braund suffered such a hissy fit, as Kim and I briefly had cheered when she received a daisy chain on her bed from Mr. Everett. Nevertheless, he simultaneously had the hots for Miss Hopkins and proved to be quite the player. Only the "Colonel Brandon"-like Captain Glover showed himself to be a true gentleman, using bales of hay to arrange the phrase "B Happy" on the lawn outside Miss Braund's window. How utterly romantic! The episode also included insights into the world of gothic entertainment and male vomiting. Truly something for everyone... --Amy


  1. Elizabeth Bennett has more spirit in her little finger than the females of RHP are exhibiting. C'mon women of RHP: Make this show worthwile. Stop complaining. You're getting to wear the most flattering (and comfortable) clothing of practically any era, you're provided with decent food and proper tea, and all you have to do all day is read and take walks through picturesque landscape. You wouldn't have survived 24 hours on Colonial House!

  2. I LOVE this show and I love your blog. Are these ladies kidding? Any smart woman worth her weight in Austen romances would KNOW to go for Mr. Gorel Barnes! My second runner up? Capt. Glover. Everett is growing on me, but he's no Master of the House, now is he?