September 3, 2008

The Return of Movie Night!

Several years of living in separate cities brought a sad demise to the weekly "movie night" that Kim and I used to delight in, complete with ever-changing varietals of red wine and dark chocolate (usually feasted on in lieu of actual dinner because Kim had no cooking implements whatsoever in her apartment). As a result, the "film review" aspect of our blog has suffered considerably in recent years, what with our involvement with men who, though supportive, would rather not be the only dude sitting in a theater for the latest Joe Wright/Andrew Davies costume-drama-palooza.

But like Jane Eyre's eventual return to Thornfield Hall, Kim has moved back to the City of Angels, thus sparking the joyous recommencement of the official Romancing The Tome movie night.

Expect a slew of new posts on adaptations, some old-standbys and others more obscure. As we ready the Netflix queue for our endeavors, we've got a list that stretches for miles of films we can't wait to watch or re-watch. Got any suggestions for movies we MUST add to the list? By all means, drop us a line!

Coming soon: Jeeves and Wooster Season 1, starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry. I'm told it's fairly epic.


  1. jerryjeff6:16 PM

    How about I Capture the Castle ?

  2. YESSS! One of my favorite books, and I've actually never seen the movie! (I read the book a few years after the Romola Garai movie hit theaters.)