April 22, 2009

Historical Reality TV Poll

It's been way too long since they did another installment of those PBS series where they take ordinary people and plop them down into another era for a few weeks. "1900 House," (who can forget the darling Bowler family?) "1940 House," "Colonial House," "Regency House," "Frontier House"... Maybe they're running out of ideas? Which historical era would you like to see next? (Or, if you have a better idea, let us know in Comments.)


  1. sadly, I actually spent some time pondering this a while back. (I say sadly because chances are I was at work or doing something that actually required me to focus instead of daydreaming about a reality TV show). Along with some of your suggestions, I also came up with "Neolithic House", "Paleolithic House", "Native American House", and "Medieval House".

  2. Native American house is a really good idea. I remember they "tried" to do that a little in the Colonial House series by having a random Indian tribe come threaten the colonists and trade with them....Although all of your suggestions sound just plain HARD. So that would be fun to watch, but if I ever signed up to be on one, it would need to be an era with creature comforts.

  3. now if I personally had to participate in one, it'd have to be "time period with good hygiene, good food, warm climate, minimal diseases, and high respect for women" house. Maybe Cretan House?