June 22, 2006

Keira Sticks With Her Blokes...

I've been known to fall for a limey or two in my day (a byproduct of my love for Masterpiece Theater and for men who start sentences with "I say,...." spell color with a "u" and have a vocab that includes the word "serviette.") The accent, as we all know, is, in a word, hot. (I even know a dude from New Jersey who faked a British accent to get a date with my friend. It worked!) Conversely, the American accent doesn't have the same "kiss me, you fool!" effect for the English ladies -- at least not for Keira Knightley, who tells In Style magazine that she prefers dating Brits to Yanks. Knightley, who is still dating her P&P co-star, Rupert Friend (Mr. Wickham), says she prefers guys who smell like Guiness to "vain" American men who put too much effort into their appearance. Clearly, Miss Knightley has not ventured far enough into our great country to find the real buzzards. -- Amy

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  1. I'll agree with Keira about British blokes for the most part, but I should note that she said Johnny Depp was the best kisser of all her leading men. Swoon. Whatever you want to say about her, the girl's got taste. (And Depp can pull a pretty good accent when called upon to do so. I recently enjoyed his Scottish drawl as an opium-addled detective in the otherwise forgettable From Hell.) --Kim