April 18, 2008

Memory Keeper's Daughter

Rarely do I tune into a Lifetime flick, but I gave this one about an hour of my time since I'd read the book by Kim Edwards over Christmas-time. Seemed like a faithful telling, from the parts I saw (I was flipping back and forth between The Hills, I'm ashamed to admit.)

A few pieces of commentary:
1) Emily Watson...inspired casting as Phoebe's adoptive mom, Caroline Gill. I love everything she does, although I will never watch that stupid Loch Ness movie.

2) Dermot Mulroney was a snore. He always kind of looked constipated. I turned back to LC and the gang anytime he was on-screen.

3) Gretchen Moll. Remember her? She was on the cover of Vanity Fair once and now you rarely see the woman. I've decided it's because she resembles Kate Hudson too much and any role she might get goes to Kate Hudson instead.

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