February 25, 2008

The Men We Love

...regarding my husband of a week and a half, I knew I chose wisely when I encountered him vacuuming on our wedding day. I also love that he obliged me by mostly watching three weeks' worth of Pride & Prejudice just because he knows I'm obsessed with it. (The fact that I managed to work Jane Austen into my wedding vows may have been a sign.)

Anyway, I loved when, during the first hour of the movie, my new spouse took to Wickham. "I know she's not going to end up with him, and I feel bad for him -- he seems like a good guy." (...totally duped, just like Lizzy. I said nothing.)

Three hours in, when Wickham runs off with Lydia, new spouse had this to say: "Oooooh...Darcy gon KILL him!!!" (said with a random Southern accent.)

He got a particular kick out of Mr. Collins and Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. When it was over, I promised him he'd never have to watch it again, and he admitted he semi-enjoyed it.

Now, check out this hilarious commentary comparing Austen men to the online dating scene.

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