September 13, 2005

Whereabouts: Ioan Gruffudd

Ioan Gruffudd, the strikingly handsome actor and noble seafarer Horatio in the Hornblower series, is set to play a new kind of hero in the film Amazing Grace. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that he will portray William Wilberforce, an 18th century British slavery abolitionist. Albert Finney will costar. The very busy Gruffudd is currently filming The TV Set, which satirizes the production of a TV pilot. (Gruffudd will perhaps be able to employ his own experience with the short-lived series "Century City.") David Duchovny and Sigourney Weaver are also in the film. It goes without saying that it is the most fervent wish of the Romancing the Tome authors that in due time the dashing Ioan will be induced make another Hornblower film. --Kim


  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    ioan is the best actor I've ever known, he is also an excellent person. I would really like to meet him, not as a fan, but as a friend. I LOVE his paper, in my favorite film: King Arthur, in which he works as Lancelot, and with Keira Knightley (Guinever) and Clive Owen (Arthur) .
    I wish the best for you all, guys.
    Love, Ailen Pomes, an argentinian girl.

  2. I have seen "Amazing Grace" and wrote the review for it at The Parents Television Council. (Amazing Grace Review)

    The Parents Television Council was proud to award it our Entertainment Seal of Approval. It's a wonderful film and Ioan is outstanding ... as always.

    J. Byron Dean

  3. Anonymous10:05 PM

    when are they going to make the next horatio hornblower, it would be really stupid to leave that mini series like that.People really like the series and we want to see more pictures like that, because they do not make series or movies like that anymore. So please bring that back. Let ioan gruffudd played that charater again and i miss mr. bush and kennedy.Forgive my spelling. Ioan you mush come back and do that.