August 12, 2005

"Texas Ranch House""

For anyone anxious for the next installation of those PBS historical reality series (ie, Frontier House, Regency House, Manor House, 1900 House, Colonial House), there's another production in the works!

Texas Ranch House is an 8-part series that will air in the spring of 2006. Participants will learn to rope, ride, and presumably say things like "Get along, little dogies."-- Amy


  1. You ladies are killin' me! You're my new favorite blog! I LOVE those shows. And I've been dying to know what the next one was going to be. Thanks for the info!

  2. Caryn! Your blog is great too....!
    Kim and I are DYING for a "French Revolution" house...Sign us up! (I would never make it on a cattle drive, however.) --Amy

  3. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Does the Texas ranch come complete with authentic Anti-War protesters??

  4. Why am I always so late to the party!?? When can I get on "Monticello House: A Family Divided"?

    Darnit....and here I thought I'd live out my Brad Pitt "Legends Of The Fall" fantasies on a working ranch..Phooey.