July 19, 2005

An Aria for Antoinette

Whether it's acted out, sung, or pantomimed, we can never get enough of the French Revolution. Roger Waters, of Pink Floyd fame, evidently feels the same way, having turned this pivotal moment in French history into a classical opera which will be released on a double-CD on Sept. 27.

The three-act opera, "Ça Ira," ("There Is Hope") was 16 years in the making and features lyrics in English. It portrays the events and spirit of the Revolution through various perspectives, including that of Marie Antoinette. Waters says his ultimate goal is to have the piece produced by an opera company.

FYI, "Ça Ira" was the name of one of the most popular songs of the French Revolution. Here's a version of the song if you'd like to hear it. -- Amy

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