October 21, 2004

Stage Beauty is Semi-Snooze

Disappointed to come away from "Stage Beauty" feeling it was a regular yawn. Billy Crudupp was impressive as one of the last great male actors to play female roles in the English theater. But as the young protegĂ© who steals his career, Claire Danes seemed affected and very "Claire Danes." There's a sort of bizarre love scene between the two (Crudupp's character is gay, then wait — no he isn't?) Heavy-handed with its message on gender roles in society, THESSSSSSPIANS will love this movie, but I'm not sure many others will, despite some decent reviews it's received. If you're a true sucker for Restoration period pieces, check it out. Otherwise, stick with "Shakespeare In Love." -- Amy

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  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Given I've an English MA & a sucker for costume dramas, I was able to tolerate Danes because of the towering Crudup performance. Sex? It wasn't just the Greeks, BC, who had homosexual experiences in their youth & married women later. The Crudup character is SO believable playing a woman that he/she could entice another man. Hey, it worked in "The Crying Game"!