September 19, 2007

Over There...

Go to Costco this week and stock up on Kleenex in bulk if you plan to watch Ken Burns' latest masterpiece, "The War," (a 14-hour miniseries that kicks off this Sunday about WWII). From what I'm reading, the film takes us into the trenches and is semi-exruciating to watch — no glamorous nostalgia here. I've been waiting for what seems like eons for Burns to come out with another of his brilliant documentaries, so I'm looking forward to enlisting for the next seven weeks. I'll be saving all my aluminum foil and planting a victory garden in honor of the occasion. (Or at least remembering the troops who are still sacrificing for us in Iraq.)

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  1. clarification: this documentary appears to be running over subsequent days, not's KILLING my DVR storage space!