November 2, 2007

Because Who Doesn't Love a RenFair?

I remember being 19 and thinking that gnawing on a turkey drumstick at the local Renaissance Fair was just about the niftiest thing north of the Kentucky/Ohio border. My friend, Tricia, and I swooned at long-haired freaks in homemade doublets (we were too cool to dress up ourselves, of course) and we longingly-eyed semi-stupid knickknack booths like the one that had dragons doing every modern profession known to man. (I probably brought a lawyer dragon for my brother, no doubt.) I recall there being lots of incense and ethereal chime music and bands of rowdy thespians trying to solicit audience interaction for various skits throughout the day. ("Now everyone yell 'Huzzahhh!!!!'") We had a blast and I haven't been to another one since.

And I probably haven't thought of that experience since, until today, when I saw this movie premise from The Hollywood Reporter. Sounds cute.

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  1. Anonymous8:28 PM

    If you would like to do another renfair, try the Celtic Festival and RenFair in Angels Camp in March close to St. Patrick's day. You can watch the queen and her courtiers, watch men in battle, eat Cornish pasties, and by pewter jewelry with Celtic knots. It is the best one I've seen