May 23, 2007

Helen Mirren Is Fabulous

Yes, I know you already know that but my obsession is new, so bear with me. For starters, she was incredible in "The Queen." What a gift to witness her give life to such a seemingly complex, deeply interesting person, portraying her with depth, humanity, and humor.

After seeing "The Queen," I finally started ordering "Prime Suspect" via Netflix and promptly became addicted. I'm on Season 4 and even though crime dramas stress me out, I'm powerless against her magnificent talent. I've also added the HBO series Elizabeth, in which she stars, to my Netflix queue. Now I do love Meryl Streep, but she should also be offered more interesting parts than the one in the overly-praised "The Devil Wears Prada."

According to IMDB, Mirren has two projects currently in the works: "Inkheart," a fantasy set in Medieval times and the Nicolas Cage action flick "National Treasure: Book of Secrets."Hmmm. Guess I'll be ordering from the back catalog. --Kim

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