May 8, 2007

For His Lady's Honor...

Unseemly message board comments directed toward his fiancee, Alice Evans, have prompted Ioan Gruffudd (in a move so very Horatio-like) to withdraw his support (financial and otherwise) of his fan website, Ioan Online,.

Thank you, Ioan, for showing us that chivalry is far from dead. And while we here at RTT have publicly lamented that the end of your bachelor days are nigh, we can take comfort in the fact that neither we nor our readers ever bashed your ladylove. (Unless you count wanting to crash your wedding at the eleventh hour ...but seriously, it's nothing personal. She'd be devastated for a while, yes, but time heals everything.)

Bottom line, you've got our number. Okay, you don't. But we're listed. It's never too late!!! (Just don't mention this to our significant others.)


  1. Three cheers for Ioan. A gentleman as always and if his peers in the industry would but follow his lead... well, what a different world we would live in!

  2. Anonymous5:44 PM

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  3. Hmmm. the plot thickens. He certainly does not paint a lovely portrait of his intended in his retelling of his proposal on The Craig Ferguson show. I'm concerned about our boy, now, and what he's gotten himself into!