November 21, 2006

The "Iceman" Mark Twain?

Never thought The Tom Green show would be a source for literary adaptation news, but ...

Val Kilmer was a guest on the show recently and announced he was writing a screenplay about Mark Twain and Christian Science founder Mary Baker Eddy (with whom Twain seemed to have had a love/hate fascination.) "Its a dual biography of a fantasy love story," explained Kilmer, who even displayed a cellphone picture of himself decked-out like Twain, leading us to presume that he'll be playing the part of the hoary-haired American author. "He seemed to understand something interesting about every subject...He was the most famous American in the world [in his day]," Kilmer added. While I have my doubts that this will ever actually come to fruition, I'll happily give Kilmer credit for being more literary-minded than I had imagined him to be.

As a trivial aside, how much does he look like John Denver in this photo? -- Amy

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