March 20, 2006

HBO goes Elizabethan

If you didn't get your fill of Queen Elizabeth I when Cate Blanchett portrayed her in a 1998 feature film -- or in PBS's miniseries last year -- now's your chance to see how HBO puts their spin on the Virgin Queen. (It's HBO mind you...something tells me she might not live up to her nickname in this version.) This two-parter, airing April 25 and May 21st , might more appropriately be dubbed "Liz: The Later Years" as it stars Helen Mirren and features Jeremy Irons as the Earl of Leicester. Hugh Dancy also stars as the Earl of Essex, but that does little to make up for his appearance in the upcoming abomination (or so I predict), Basic Instinct 2. Oh Hugh...for shame.

Also, Ain't It Cool News recently reported that Blanchett has indeed signed on for a sequel to her film (there had been rumors to the contrary.) Geoffrey Rush will reprise his role as Sir Francis Walsingham and Samantha Morton will apparently play Mary, Queen of Scots. -- Amy

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  1. I saw the trailer the other night and this looks really enticing. Thumbs up on the casting of both Hugh Dancy and Jeremy Irons. Do you think anyone will notice if I reuse my "Assault with a Dudley Weapon" headline on the review? It was one of my favorites. As for Basic Instinct 2: I'd rather gouge my eyes out.--Kim