February 2, 2006

Holy Hitchcock! Ewan to Star in Thriller Bio-Pic

Hot Scot with a sense of humor Ewan McGregor has signed on to an untitled bio-pic about the early years of Alfred Hitchcock's life as an Eastender. "Little Britain" star Matt Lucas will play the chubby director with the memorable profile. I'm still trying to dig up a copy of Ewan's "The Scarlet and The Black," a BBC adaptation of Stendhal's novel that isn't available on DVD. More on that (and a petition!) here.--Kim

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  1. I'm incredibly excited about this. Hitchcock and Ewan McGregor are two of my favorite people in the world. Though Ewan seems a bit slim for the part. By the way, thanks for telling me about Bleak House. I absolutely love it and would have never found it without you. Your blog is one of my favorites.