February 22, 2006

Life After Bleak House...

We'll have no more Lady Dedlock after this Sunday, but happily, Masterpiece Theater has plenty more to offer this spring. Writer Andrew Davies (who adapted Bleak House) gives us his take on another classic in "He Knew He Was Right," an Anthony Trollope novel best described as a Victorian version of Shakespeare's Othello. It airs March 26 and April 2.

I'm also excited for the MP production, Under the Greenwood Tree, airing on April 23. It's a Thomas Hardy adaptation about a Dorset village schoolteacher who's expected to marry rich, but (whaddayaknow) falls for the penniless bachelor in town. More details to come. If it's even half as good as the Masterpiece Theater version of Far From the Madding Crowd, I'm sold. -- Amy


  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    I saw He Knew He Was Right when it aired (last year maybe?), and it was good.

    It's no Bleak house, though. I, too, however, am going to miss it after this weekend, although I can definitely live without Guppy.

  2. Guppy was a darling until this last episode... a creepy little darling, but a darling nonetheless. It made his turn all the more distressing. More Guppy! (He is in Layer Cake which is in my Netflix Queue.)--Kim

  3. Waaah. No more BH! I have to say I was riveted. I was trying to figure out if Insp. Bucket was a jerk or really cared about his job. And what was with Guppy's weird mom? He was kind of charming ... but smart and weird all at the same time. Definitely not Esther's type. She and Woodcourt were a great couple. Wish we could have seen a sequel to their wedding. He's such a hunk!!!

    Will definitely check out He Knew He Was Right. More period pieces, yay!