September 10, 2005

Here's the Skinny...

Not exactly high-brow lit, but having recently read Carl Hiassen's bestseller Skinny Dip, I see that it's big-screen-bound thanks to Mike Nichols, who bought the screen rights last year and intends on directing the film. I've not found any info on who would play whom in this satiric tale of a conceited husband who throws his wife off a cruise ship. But if I was playing casting director, here's who I'd pick. -- Amy

A-hole biologist Chaz Perrone: Rob Lowe
His wife and unwitting victim, Joey Perrone: Naomi Watts
Joey's rugged-loner savior, Mick Stranahan: Harrison Ford
Corrupt businessman Red Hammernut: Albert Finney
Chaz's hairy bodyguard, Tool: Meatloaf
Chaz's indignant mistress, Rica: J.Lo

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