August 30, 2005

Lestat to Vamp It Up in Musical

Elton John and Bernie Taupin have created Lestat, a musical based on Anne Rice's popular Vampire Chronicles. (Yep, I went through that phase too.) Hugh Panero of The Phantom of the Opera will play the title role. The musical will, like Wicked and Lennon, debut in San Francisco for "tweaking" in the hopes of not sucking too much (sorry) before being unleashed on Broadway. Bernie Taupin tells Playbill:
We have unified these books into a linear storyline and our intention is to make a stylish, sexy, intelligent and richly hypnotic show that is stripped of gothic clichés and that shows the vampire dealing with his damnation on a more realistic and human level. Please let me make this clear this is not a rock opera.
Personally, I like gothic clichés but I'm certain there will be plenty of other clichés to revel in with this production! --Kim

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