August 9, 2005

Fight Club: The Musical?

One book we may want to hope doesn't get turned into a film adaptation is Chuck Pahluniuk's "Haunted." A great read, but the gross-out factor is high. Just imagining it on the big screen triggers my gag reflex.

But in other news, I've been hearing more buzz that the author's first novel "Fight Club" (made into a movie starring B-rad and Ed Nortan as we all know) may soon be turned into a musical. I remember Chuck mentioned this last fall when i went and saw him introduce a screening of "Fight Club" in L.A., so I'm guessing it's more fact than fiction. (Word is, Trent Reznor will be writing the music.) Do you think it will work? I guess if Joyce Carol Oates could make an opera based off Ted Kennedy's Chappequiddick scandal, anything's possible. -- Amy


  1. Sounds just crazy enough to be good....

  2. Do you have a link about the Fight Club musical? That's one of my favorite movies!

  3. Hey C:
    I posted a link to Playbill above, but
    I haven't found much in the way of further details...--Amy

  4. Danke! Have a nice weekend. :)