August 22, 2005

Brothers Grimm

Listened to an interview with director Terry Gilliam this weekend on Studio 360. It sounds like the The Brothers Grimm is going to be worth checking out, even despite my not-so-zealous feelings for Matt Damon. Previews I've seen of the film make me think it may have a bit of the "Princess Bride" feel to it. In the interview, Gilliam (the only American member of the Monty Python crew) talked about the fact that kids today only get bland, whitewashed stories instead of the good old-fashioned, pee-in-your-pants scary stuff of classic fairy tales. I think he's right: We all need the stuffing scared out of us at a young age to prepare us for the real world.

And speaking of Gilliam, let's not forget he was behind the brilliant 12 Monkeys, one of my all-time favorites. -- Amy

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