October 15, 2007

Film Flashback: Young Bess

Turner Classic Movies is celebrating "Royals" all this month, so tonight, (in anticipation of seeing "The Golden Age" this weekend) I checked out "Young Bess," a 1953 adaptation of the novel by Margaret Irwin. Jean Simmons (no, not GENE Simmons, but how awesome would that be?) plays the feisty future monarch in her late teens up until the death of her sister, Mary...seems like it took some significant historical liberties and was too "sound-stagey" for my liking, but it got me in Tudor mode, nonetheless.

My favorite part, perhaps, was the line of text opening the movie...

Born at a time when heads were falling around her like cabbage stalks...

Can't you just imagine voiceover master Don LaFontaine saying that line today...?

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