December 5, 2005

Which is Better?

Time magazine compares some current and coming attractions with the books they're based on. See if you agree with their assessment. -- Amy


  1. I'm really looking forward to Memoirs of a Geisha. I love that book and have read it 4 times. I am really worried about the movie, but this makes it sound like it's going to be pretty good! I know it's going to be beautiful, and I'm totally looking forward to that. We'll see!!

  2. The visuals alone should be stunning. I only read 3/4 of the book because I was fascinated by the ins-and-outs of "geisha-dom" and then got bored once it got to actual story. So I'm intrigued to see the movie... -- Amy

  3. I saw it on Friday night. I liked it! There was only about 10-15 minutes of the movie that were too off-rack from the book, but then it got back in line. So, yeah, good movie!