December 6, 2004

Regency House Party: Episode IV

Now we know why Jane Austen never married. If her life in any way resembled the folks at the Regency House party, she wouldn't have held her breath about finding a soul mate. And if the men of the Regency period were as uninspired as the blokes on this British special, it would have been slim pickings indeed. Only one member of the house party, Mr. Foxsmith, professed his true love for a lady in the final episode, and she tearfully cast him off, knowing they'd never make it in the real world. Slightly tragic, but we'll get over it. The other men made psuedo-connections with some of the ladies in the group, but we can only suspect that was to please the producers, who wanted some sort of Hollywood ending.

In the end, the most profound farewell occurred when Mr. Gorell-Barnes took leave from his faithful manservant, who couldn't help but sob like a baby (and likely hasn't yet lived it down with his homophobic mates in the modern world.) As for everyone else, we couldn't really care less what's become of them as we determined that this four-part series was a disappointment. (I much preferred some of the other historical reality shows, like "Frontier House," "Manor House," and "Colonial House." Still, if you're curious to learn more about the people in this series, check out their interviews here. -- Amy

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