March 10, 2008

True Romance: Amy and Mike's Wedding

If Romancing the Tome co-author Amy ever adapted her true life love story for the big screen, it would probably resemble a witty romantic comedy from the 1930s or '40s--something along the lines of The Philadelphia Story or It Happened One Night. Amy would be portrayed by an actress who is incredibly smart, strong, and independent, yet equally romantic--a modern day Kate Hepburn perhaps, with a confident and charming Cary Grant as Mike, her romantic lead. On the path to her happy ending, Amy's character would face hilarious and poignant challenges until, like that magic moment in The Lady Eve when Henry Fonda looks up at Barbara Stanwyck while he's strapping on her shoe, she will finally meet her match. (I will leave Amy to tell the story by whatever medium she chooses at some future date, but suffice to say that when she does: look out Diablo Cody, Amy knows how to tell a story.)

It was so fitting then that Amy and Mike's fabulous wedding at the historic Union Station in Los Angeles had the vibe of a classic Hollywood soiree, from Amy's elegant walk down the aisle on the arm of her father to the glamorous art deco supper club where we feted the newly hitched couple. Amy and Mike are two of my dearest friends and I'm over the moon that they had such a fantastic send-off for what I know will be a happy, adventure-filled life together.

(Thanks to the marvelous Meg for the photo of Amy and Mike.)


  1. I would gladly pay to read or see her story... it would be filled with adventures along the way: toupee'd men, secret service agents, old British guys. But all roads led to Mike. Hurrah!

  2. Do you think Union Station is a good venue to have a wedding at? I am going to check it out. It looks amazing. Thanks

  3. Hi Naisha:

    It was an amazing place to have the wedding. Let me know your email address and I can send you a link to pictures and give you more info.