October 19, 2006


John Malkovich + Jeremy Irons + dragons = Hell to the Yeah!!!!!

The first part of this trilogy (based on the book by Christopher Paolini) hits theaters Dec. 15. View trailer here. -- Amy


  1. Don't be so sure. The last time "Jeremy Irons + Dragons" came together was the dreadful DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, ranking right down there with BATTLEFIELD EARTH. I'm almost ashamed to confess that I saw in the theatres (somehow persuaded by two fellow geeks, who somehow got me into the damn theater because Tom Baker was in it).

    All I'm saying is: be careful what you wish for.

  2. True dat.

    Didn't see D&D, but I loved me my DRAGONSLAYER starring Peter MacNicol. Of course, I was like seven at the time...perhaps not the most developed critic at that age. -- Amy