October 4, 2006

Copying Beethoven

This looks like it might be good, especially if you were a fan of Immortal Beloved, like I was. Copying Beethoven is directed by the same woman who did Washington Square and the Secret Garden. It stars a brown-eyed Ed Harris as the composer in the last year of his life in a fictionalized account that claims a gifted young woman (Diane Kruger) helped the ailing genius with his work. Here's the trailer. It looks like it will have a limited release in November. NPR's Fresh Air has Ed Harris's take on playing the deaf and surly legend. -- Amy


  1. What's with Ed Harris always playing dying old men?

  2. Actually, in the trailer, he is sporting what could possible be a pretty bad German accent (while his female co-star, strangely, sounds totally American.) Still, I have a soft spot for cranky old men, not withstanding my landlord (a hybrid of Donald Rumsfeld and Pigpen) so I'm looking forward to it. -- Amy