January 3, 2006

Turned On/Tuned In

Mark your calendars: Here are the adaptations, etc. headed your way this month:


*Masterpiece Theatre will rerun Henry VIII with Ray Winstone as the blood-thirsty king and Helena Bonham Carter as Anne Boleyn on January 8 and 15.
*We've been eagerly awaiting the controversial new Bleak House adaptation from the BBC which is spread out over six Sundays beginning on the 22nd. For more on this adaptation see our previous posts: Battle Over Bleak House (or Why We Love England) and Bleak House Gets Soaped. Plus: Here's the official BBC Bleak House site. The bliss of six whole Sunday nights of Bleak House to look forward to... I can hardly wait.

*James Franco (Spider-Man, The Company, Never Been Kissed, James Dean biopic), Sophia Myles (Nicholas Nickleby, Mansfield Park), and Rufus Sewell (Middlemarch, Cold Comfort Farm) will star in Tristan & Isolde. IMDB says: "A pet project of Ridley and Tony Scott, T&I is reportedly heavy on the action -- a sort-of Robin Hood/Count of Monte Cristo vibe running through it." Hmm... Opens January 13. --Kim

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