November 10, 2005

'Not That Into' This Idea

Drew Barrymore's production co., Flower Films, can now be held responsible for bringing "He's Just Not That Into You" (based on the bestseller of the same name) to a theater near you. From Zap2It:
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the storyline for the movie will involve an advise columnist who falls in love with one of the women who seeks his advice.
It sounds like an awful idea. So far neither Drew nor Adam Sandler are slated to star in the project. I'm thinking Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson? Or maybe Bill Murray and Lindsay Lohan? Your casting picks? --Kim


  1. DAMN!! No Drew or Adam?!? I LOVE when they star together!! Love Kate Hudson. Keira Knightley would do. Jen Anniston, except she is a tad too old. Lindsay Lohan is too drunk to actually BE in movies anymore. As for a male lead? Jake Gyllenhall. I LOVE him.

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM

    What a lame concept! Jason Davis and Haylie Duff would be the perfect match for this one.

    -Lauren Cerand