October 30, 2004

Regency House

I was drinking my new tea from Le Palais De Thés (Fleur de Geisha) today, thinking life couldn't get much better, when I realized PBS's new series, Regency House begins airing on Wednesday, Nov. 3. What a fabulous way to recover from this week's elections! Ten modern men and women get to spend nine weeks pretending to live in the early 1800s (that's Jane Austen's era), whilst looking for their own Mr. Knightly or Miss Dashwood. Here's a brief description from the PBS site:

"For nine sunny summer weeks, a group of eligible bucks and buxom ladies takes up residence in a magnificent country estate for a house party exactly like those hosted at the height of the Regency. But will 21st-century folk who are really looking for love manage to navigate the strict social protocols of the day?"

Not sure the "looking for love" Bachelor angle is necessary, but still, I cannot wait. If you loved 1900 House, Manor House, Frontier House and Colonial House, this newest edition of the historical reality series will truly be your cup of tea! -- Amy

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  1. I'm equally thrilled about Regency House...It just keeps getting better! Here are some relevant links to items on Amy's post:

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