October 21, 2004

Stage Beauty is Semi-Snooze

Disappointed to come away from "Stage Beauty" feeling it was a regular yawn. Billy Crudupp was impressive as one of the last great male actors to play female roles in the English theater. But as the young protegé who steals his career, Claire Danes seemed affected and very "Claire Danes." There's a sort of bizarre love scene between the two (Crudupp's character is gay, then wait — no he isn't?) Heavy-handed with its message on gender roles in society, THESSSSSSPIANS will love this movie, but I'm not sure many others will, despite some decent reviews it's received. If you're a true sucker for Restoration period pieces, check it out. Otherwise, stick with "Shakespeare In Love." -- Amy

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  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Given I've an English MA & a sucker for costume dramas, I was able to tolerate Danes because of the towering Crudup performance. Sex? It wasn't just the Greeks, BC, who had homosexual experiences in their youth & married women later. The Crudup character is SO believable playing a woman that he/she could entice another man. Hey, it worked in "The Crying Game"!