October 6, 2008

Reader Challenge: Cast Breakfast at Tiffany's

From the mail bag: Romancing the Tome reader Peter G. needs help casting his fantasy project: an updated "darker" and "grittier" Breakfast at Tiffany's--one more like the original Truman Capote novel. Peter imagines Brad Pitt for the role played by George Peppard, Ann Margret for Patricia Neal's role, and Billy Bob Thornton taking the Buddy Epsen role. He adds that "The Henry Mancini soundtrack at the various parties could be substituted for new up and coming bands."

Of the young actresses working today, I adore Amy Adams (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day) AND she can sing.... But the part of Holly Golightly calls for someone with just the right balance of naivete and insouciance. Perhaps Natalie Portman or Scarlett Johannson?

Now If Peter wanted to go the nostalgic route instead of gritty, Wes Anderson would probably do an amazing job. It's been a while since the American Express commercial and all he's got going on right now is an animated flick. Maybe he'd give Ryan Gosling a shot at the George Peppard role....

Readers, what do you think? Our favorite answer wins the Breakfast at Tiffany's Special Anniversary Collection DVD. You can post it in the comments or send me an email at kim at kimsaid dot com.


  1. I fear Natalie P. already fancies herself the Audrey of our generation, so I'd prefer not to feed that ego, if possible. Although granted, the resemblance exists. And please, God, no Anne Hathaway.

  2. Did you know Truman Capote wanted to cast Marilyn Monroe as Holly G? I think Kate Beckinsale would make a glam version. No one can top Patricia Neal as the two-timed patron of the arts, but I love Patricia Clarkson. Maybe someone sweet, but a little goofy as "Darling Fred" like Robert Downey Jr.
    John C. Reilly would make a tender Doc.

  3. Hard game! Alright, since you said that they wanted to go darker, I thought back to Captote's orginal story and I'm going to say that Narrator/Paul/"Fred" should be Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe, 21); Mrs. Failenson = Julianne Moore; Doc Golightly = Tommy Lee Jones (though it was between him and William H. Macy who looks kinda like Buddy Ebsen, now that I think of it); and for Holly = Rachel McAdams.

  4. Holly: Camilla Belle
    Fred: Jamie Bell
    Mrs. Failensen: Diane Lane
    Doc Golightly: William H. Macy
    O.J. Berman: Robert Downy Jr.